JULY 19TH - GLOBE Secondary Educator Training


What better way to learn science, than by doing science? This is exactly what the GLOBE program is designed for.


The Nature Place 575 St. Bernardine Street Reading, PA 19607

Date & Time

Friday, July 19th at 10AM

What better way to learn science, than by doing science? This is exactly what the GLOBE program is designed for.

The GLOBE (the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) program provides teachers, students, and community members with scientifically verified, data collection protocols as well as training and networking assistance in order to provide these educators and budding scientists with meaningful, hands-on experiences with the scientific method (all while producing research quality data for use by an international community of researchers, including NASA!).

Berks Nature is an official GLOBE Partner, with the capacity to train educators of all types - from naturalists, to homeschool parents, to classroom teachers -  in the GLOBE curriculum and its interdisciplinary, hands-on science activities.

In this special training for  Educators, Berks Nature's GLOBE-certified Mentor Trainer will:

- Introduce GLOBE, its set up, its protocols, and its plethora of online resources to help students and teachers collaborate and share their science.

- Train participants in using the GLOBE curriculum, app, and website to integrate these research-quality research and tools in their classrooms and schools.

By the end of this training, participating educators will be able to guide their students through any of the GLOBE protocols or activities to collect real-world scientific data to share across an international community of researchers. Participants will build their own turbidity tube to take back with them to their classrooms.

Berks Nature will provide lunch for this training workshop.

In this GLOBE secondary class, multi-sphere class, we will cover protocols like air temperature, soil temperature, soil characterization,  clouds, pH, and dissolved oxygen. Made for teachers but anyone can attend.

End times are aproxamite. Registration closes July 17th.

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