MARCH 18TH- Reptiles of Berks County Lecture


This is a lecture on the reptiles of Berks County. Learn from local expert, Charlie Randazzo!


The Nature Place 575 St. Bernardine Street Reading, PA 19607

Date & Time

Saturday, March 18th at 11:30A M-12:30PM

Where others may shy away, there are many who are delighted and enraptured by the slithering scales, flicking tongues, and prehistoric eyes of reptiles. If you find yourself among the latter, this lecture on the reptiles of Berks County is perfect for you! Learn from local expert, Charlie Randazzo, as he describes Berks County resident reptiles, how to identify them, and their specific adaptations and habitats. We won't be joined by any living reptiles during this lecture, but budding herpers will be introduced to the diverse cast of native reptiles who call Berks County home.
Please note, end times are approximate. 
*No live reptiles will be present at this event*
Registration ends March, 15th.
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