NOVEMBER 2ND - {A Nature Documentary Series} November's Eco-Feature Film: GATHER


Think book club, but with documentaries!


The Nature Place 575 St. Bernardine Street Reading, PA 19607

Date & Time

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 at 6PM

A Nature Documentary Series - November's Featured Film: GATHER

The feature film GATHER tells the story about Indian resilience and the renaissance of Native food systems. Indigenous people and their food systems are resilient. We have withstood historical and ongoing attempts to starve, change, and alter every facet of our food systems. But we hold strong to our knowledge that food is a connection to our past, to our people, and to our lands. As we continue our push for access and protection of our food systems, First Nations Development Institute is proud to introduce this feature-length documentary film on the growing Native American food sovereignty movement.

Think book club, but with documentaries! Each month, Berks Nature will select an environmentally-focused film to showcase at The Nature Place. After watching the films together, we will engage in a thoughtful discussion over light drinks and snacks.

Wednesday, November 2nd at 6PM

$5/per person

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